Estela, Stephen, and Pocas Cosas in Oaxaca and Mexico DF for Day of the Dead, 2014

Estela and Stephen, and Pocas Cosas, traveled to Oaxaca and Mexico City for Day of the Dead  celebrations, in October and November, 2014. We did a lot of good shopping for Pocas Cosas, and will be putting innumerable treasures from this trip on our Pocas Cosas website.

DSC02006 DSC01999 DSC02011 DSC02045 DSC02063 DSC02096 DSC02105 DSC02159 DSC02141 DSC02177 DSC02198

This was a wonderful trip, full of color and life, and all in celebration of the Day of the Dead. In Mexico, our Defuntos are remembered and their lives celebrated. They are once again present with us; in death, life is indeed changed, not taken away.

Please, be sure to visit the Pocas Cosas website to find great treasures of Mexican and Native American Indian arts and antiques!


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Estela Rubalcaba Klink, owner/partner in Pocas Cosas Mexican and Native American Arts and Antiques. Fomerly, a teacher and community organizer and then the Executive Director of a communiy center, Estela "retired" to pursue her business in Mexican and Native American arts and antiques, Pocas Cosas (
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