Estela and Pocas Cosas in Puebla, Sept/Oct, 2016

September 21 through October 7, 2016, Estela was in Mexico City, and then in the state of Puebla. She purchased beautiful new blusas and huipiles (women’s embroidered blouses), Mexican vintage pottery from Tonala and Tlaquepaque, Mexican vintage silver jewelry from Taxco, and other treasures. After spending one week in the beautiful city of Puebla and visiting some famous folk artists, she traveled to the village of Quetzalan in the mountains north of Puebla. Here, the indigenous people of Quetzalan and surrounding villages celebrate the feast of St. Francis, the patron saint of the village. There are wonderful parades, processions, dances, food and music. It was magical.

This region is also famous for the its very beautiful embroidered and beaded blouses. The work of the artisans is spectacular.

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About pocascosasarts

Estela Rubalcaba Klink, owner/partner in Pocas Cosas Mexican and Native American Arts and Antiques. Fomerly, a teacher and community organizer and then the Executive Director of a communiy center, Estela "retired" to pursue her business in Mexican and Native American arts and antiques, Pocas Cosas (
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