Beautiful new pieces of Mexican and Native American Indian antiques and art

We are putting new treasures of Mexican and Native American Indian antiques, art, and folk art into the Pocas Cosas website!

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This is an exquisite Mexican straw-art (popote art or popotillo) scene of the Main Cathedral in Mexico City.  Popote art involves creating scenes using thousands of minute pieces of dyed straw or grass, popote in Spanish. This piece was created, c. 1920, by the famous popotillo artist, Gabriel Olay (G Olay).  This is a phenomenal piece of Mexican vintage fine/folk art!


About pocascosasarts

Estela Rubalcaba Klink, owner/partner in Pocas Cosas Mexican and Native American Arts and Antiques. Fomerly, a teacher and community organizer and then the Executive Director of a communiy center, Estela "retired" to pursue her business in Mexican and Native American arts and antiques, Pocas Cosas (
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